Team learning in a technology-driven era

Published in Perspectives on Digitally-Mediated Team Learning, 2021

Recommended citation:

J. K. Takemoto, D. Lewis, C. W. Parrish, L. Coyne, & C. M. Burns. Team learning in a technology-driven era. In L. O. Campbell, R. Hartshorne, and R. F. DeMara, editors, Perspectives on Digitally-Mediated Team Learning, (2021), 33-51. Springer International Publishing, Cham.


Today’s students are team-oriented, confident, and dependent on technology. These attributes are coupled with a desire for immediate feedback to promote improvement. However, they are dampened by a lack of socialization, collaboration, critical thinking, problem-solving, and communication skills (Shatto and Erwin, Creative Nurs 23:24-28, 2017). Educators must adapt to address these needs and promote attainment of these skills for both collaboration and competitiveness in the workplace. To accomplish this goal, an evolution from traditional learning to team learning using technology is imperative. An overview of active learning strategies is discussed with a focus on team-based learning (TBL), including the additional benefits of TBL and the use of complimentary technology.

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